In a relationship but not living together.



After having dated Sara at Dagenham escorts for for a couple of months, I realised that she was a special girl. We had a lot of fun together at the escort agency but I wanted to make a little bit more of it. Just having been through a divorce, I did not want to move in with Sara right away and I did not want her to move in with me. But, I sort of wanted her to be my exclusive girlfriend.


After thinking about if for a while, I asked Sara to leave Dagenham escorts and be my exclusive girlfriend. We sort of have a mini relationship agreement and it means that Sara lives in her flat, but I financially support her. I am sure that it seems a bit weird to most people, but it seems to work for us. When we want to get together, we sort of get together on our own terms and that has worked out for us really well.


I do work rather long hours, so I make sure that Sara has plenty do to. Recently she has picked up a little part time job in a beauty salon and that keeps her busy as well. It is right up her street as she is really good with people. I love the way she looks after people and I think that is why I fell in love with her. She is also very stunning and is the most perfect girl that I have ever met. At Dagenham escorts, she was one of the top girls and I know that she was busy.


Sara did think that she would miss Dagenham escorts but she has not missed working for the agency at all. She has so many things on the go and really loves what she is doing. Her latest project involves setting up a shop on eBay selling clothes and second hand designer hand bags. She is really good at that, and is forever hunting around the second shops for stuff that she can sell. When I come to think about it, she is the most enterprising lady that I have ever met.


We often talk about our future together. I am planning to sell my company within the next two years. The original plan was for me to move abroad on my own, but now Sara has left Dagenham escorts, that idea has gone on the back burner. We are both very passionate about antiques and we are thinking about opening a small antique shop, or running an antique stall. If you want to have a shop, you have to be really committed and I am not sure that we are that committed. We would also like to go travelling and you cannot do it all. I am not sure what is going to happen, but as usual, Sara and I will come to some sort of compromise. One thing I do know, is that it is going to be okay.




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