What’s makes London escorts special?

When you look at the escort service in London, you will find that there are more elite escorts services in London than anywhere else. I really love dating London escorts and if you are looking for some quality female company, try to hold your fire until you come to London. The girls who work for charlotte action escorts, are simply the best and you will not regret one single minute you spend with a girl from a London escorts service.

I have dated escorts in many other parts of the world as well, but none of them have been anything like London escorts. When you compare escorts in London to American escorts, you appreciate why there is such a huge difference in between our two countries. London escorts are classy, and when you check out American escorts, they kind of come across as real tarts. That is not really what I am looking for when I date. Yes, I want to have a good time, but I like to be treated like a gentleman not a “punter” as they say in the US these days. Incidentally I think that is an English word!

The girls who work for the elite London escorts services that I use, always turn up looking like a genuine girlfriend, and this is where American escorts get it so wrong. They turn up wearing cheap clothes while a girl from a London escorts service will turn up looking nice. Also, London escorts are discreet and well educated. American escorts often make up stories and say that they come from this country and that country. In London, you can date the genuine article. I have never been disappointed in a London escort. At times, American escorts have shocked me with their antics and that is something which will not happen in London. Yet another reason to hold your fire and wait to date escorts until you come to London, there is certainly something special about these ladies.

If you are looking for a wide range of escorts services, you should check out London escorts as well. American escorts think that they are good at stuff like BDSM, but yet again, their delivery is totally different from London escorts. The girls at top London escorts services, always go that little bit further and push the boat out. I am sure that most American escorts would have something to learn from their London counterparts. In fact, I would recommend that all American girls who would like to be escorts checked out the girls in London.

Perhaps this is why you are getting a few American escorts working in London these days. I honestly think that they would like to learn from their London escorts colleagues and learn how to deliver a quality date. Above all, I think that American escorts need to learn how to be professional and actually turn up looking like they are so much more than blond bimbos. Yes, you get blond escorts in London, but they all seem to have extra brains. I wonder if this is that makes London escorts so special. Or do they just have higher standards than American escorts???

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