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When you finally found the love of your life, you will never let her/him go again. Love is a feeling that gives you so much joy and inspiration. Marriage is a lifetime commitment where you only commit to only one person and your responsibility to her/him. Marriage is not a game, and it’s no game over. I mean, you have to pick someone that will not give up on you and love you for the rest of your life. They say that marriage is complicated and more robust, well it’s true especially when you have kids, the bills are increasing, the necessities, schools, etc. And that’s what I want to point out, many teenagers rushing to marry without realizing financial status if he can support his family. Marriage needs maturity, and it’s not a race to rush. Don’t feel pressure to people that give opinions about yours. When you marry someone, remember that you have figured it out well because it’s hard to get away in that status. But what if you don’t love her/him anymore? Would you stay? Many people choose to divorce their spouse because of fall out of love. Well, it’s normal nowadays, and many people have gone to divorce. It’s better to be true to yourself and your partner to be fair.


My name is Caesar and recently divorced. I live in New York City where I met my ex-wife Jessica. We are childhood best friends back then, and neighbor. She is my first puppy love. Jessica is awesome and pretty. When I was a kid, I will always pick a flower and gave it to her. We are always together and protect each other. We prefer to be always a classmate and forces our moms to enroll in the same school. We promise ourselves when we get old we will marry each other. During our secondary, we feel more mature and real to our feelings. We expressed the same feelings and decided to be a couple. After graduation from college, I pregnant her and decided to get married. We were so happy back then with our first child. I never let her go to work but focus on our family and since we have a business to handle. She became my supporter and never doubt me. I went to London to see a potential investor. One of my friends brought a London escort, and she is pretty. After our meeting, we went to the pub to chill, I was a bit drunk and seduce. We made out love and woke up with her. We keep our communication and go and forth back to London to see her. Aside from her alluring beauty, she also has a gold heart which I like. I find myself in love with her and can’t stop it. Eventually, my wife knows it, and we both decide to get divorced since I am so in love with the girl.

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