Night With A Male Escort

Monica of London escorts has always been a happy woman ever since she met the love of her life Dave. They started dating back in college and she kept her virginity till they got married. So, we can say Dave was the lucky dude who popped that cherry. The first two years of marriage were okay. Their sex life was just fine until she got fucked by her husband’s best friend while he was away on a business trip.

It was then that Monica discovered the other side of sex her husband never showed her. She knew that if she kept fucking her husband’s best friend, they would soon be caught, so she avoided him. When Dave came back, everything was normal but the sex was never the same. Her husband had a small dick and he was easy to come. This frustrated her even more and each time she thought of her husband’s friend, she got even hornier.

One day she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to look for a male escort. She went through several agencies and performed thorough research. She was keen on the client’s reviews since she didn’t want any disappointments; she wanted this risky move to count.

The escort was the sexiest man she had ever thought of fucking. She was nervous and eager at the same time. They met at a hotel and this guy came in all ready to make this an unforgettable night. He walked into the hotel room and you could tell he was up to something from his strong cologne.

Monica was seated on the couch when he walked in and he gave her a hug that got her wet on the spot. She excused herself to go and take a shower. While she was in the shower, the guy decided to give her a surprise visit. He walked into the shower and startled her with a kiss on the back. He went down on her and started licking her clit as the water ran down his pink lips. She was mourning and soaked in her own cum.

She was so horny and wanted more. The escort was already hard and decided it was time to start off the pounding. They were still in the shower when he pushed her against the wall. She was lost in the moment. This was something her husband never did. She didn’t know how this would feel but she was willing to learn. He pushed his cock inside her from the back and she felt every inch going in. She mourned further. He gave her several thrusts and after a few minutes she had already come twice. This was just the beginning of a long night. If you want to have a great experience from London Escorts


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