One of my dreams in life is to become successful.

To succeed in everything, we need to work hard and do our best no matter how hard life gets says West Midland Escorts. There are many things to be thankful, but when you are poor, many things to give up. We tend to get jealous of people who are successful and has a comfortable life. Life may not be easy for us but to them is good, easy to deal. But to us, it feels like a suicide bomb that explodes in our life right away, and even we tried to avoid, it still harms us. Life is not as easy as it seems, but it depends on how we look at each problem, there are some cases people to accept it negatively and make their life miserable. When we are a focus on negativity, we tend to become restless, stress, depress or any illness that happened to us says West Midland Escorts. We heard a lot of different stories about people committing suicide because of too much weight, pressure, and the developmental and emotional disorder, some have hallucinations and push them to kill themselves. But even how life is hard, always focus on the positive side, also how much pain life throws you look for the positive reasons. When you thought of positive things, it reflects on your body and mind. You become alive and can remember well.

My name is Sunshine, twenty-five years old and live in New York City. I have noticed many people thought of living in America is easy and pleasant. What they don’t know many people here suffers differently and most are poor. Though out my life, there is no easy time for me, it uses many time and energy. I haven’t gone to school since we do not have enough money for it. I focus myself on working, and even when I was a kid, my mother used to left me in the street since we do not have a home and our shelter is on the street. Living there is hard, there are many stealers, killers, etc. Our life is in danger every time, especially cops are very strict to people like us. My mom is a dishwasher and just enough to feed me. We are only two since my father left her during her pregnancy and I am proud of my mom that despite it, she never abandoned me.

Years passed, I grow and become a lady, I have helped my mother with home services, and we get money from it to finance us. Until one of our customer, discover my beauty, and she works in West Midland, a part of London England. I am qualified to become a Cheap West Midland escorts since they are hiring now. She helped me through the process and eventually got the chance. Well, I feel so blessed since all my hard work paid off, I became a West Midland escorts and slowly changing my life.

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