Using sex toys on Luton escorts with safety


A sex toy is an adult object used for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure out of oneself. They come in a lot of varieties and vividly appealing sizes and colors. Such as anal bead, dildo, vibrator and so on. Typically, it is a masturbating tool.


How to use sex toys safely on Luton escorts?

Before using sex toys on Luton escorts, it is better off to let the Luton escorts know about it. As this would not just be an easier task for them, but the clients would also get better sexual pleasure and advantage out of it.

  1. Clients must ensure that they do not shove sex toys even though the Luton escorts are not comfortable with it. Because that more or less affects the sexual pleasure of the client if the Luton escorts are not really used to it.
  2. Using right sexual toys during the act is very important. Using inappropriate could wreck the situation both mentally and physically between the clients and Luton escorts from Whether it is an anal toy or not, make sure they are really smooth and have an easy removal base.
  3. Cleaning sex toys after each use must also be cleaned up. As sex toys could be infected with various bacteria and fungus causing the Luton escorts to obviously contract with disease. It is best to clean the sex toys with hot water and soap before using it in the act.
  4. Covering sex toys with condoms is also a great technique. It maintains a very good level of hygiene and the risks of it spreading is comparatively low to all the previous mentioned methods. The risk reduction is inevitable by a very long shot.
  5. The clitoris can be over stimulated with repetitive use of just one vibrator. Ensure there is more than just one. Using just one vibrator could lead to injuries with the sensation of sexual pleasure fading away, so it is better off to have a rotation with these sex toys.
  6. Ever wonder what causes the condom to break down? Here’s the answer — It is using oil as a lubricant. The rubber of the condom cracks down when oil massage is used. For the sake of replacement, it is always better off to use water based lubricant.
  7. No matter what, at the end of the day every client has to ensure the sex toys are in very great condition. If a crack or damage is noticed on the sex toys, do not use it anymore. This can lead to some of the contagious infection to the Luton escorts.
  8. It is quite vital to be aware of the sex toys that are bought off the market. Avoid buying cheap stuff as they may attract the users with its “new shoe smell”. Ensure that relying on its attractiveness may not end up well after all.
  9. Last but not the least, it is very essential to use water based lubricant before shoving it up in the anus or vagina of the partner a client is engaged in sexual activity with. Also, make sure the sex toy is not too big or underachieving.
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