I have been with London escorts for about ten years now – London escorts

As a matter of fact, you can probably call me a mature London escort. One thing is for sure, I love escorting and giving it up is not going to be easy at all. Ideally I would like to carry on working within the London escorts service, and I have come up with this crazy business idea. How about opening a school for London escorts? We have all sorts of schools here in London, and along with the recently opened strip tease school, I thought a school for girls aspiring to be escorts in London, would go down well.


Lots of girls who arrive in London think that there is nothing to be an escort in London. That is not true at all. I have met many girls who would have made great London escorts, but they have not had the right attitude. They have presumed that they knew it all, and as a result, their London escorts careers have ended in a disaster. If they had a professional service to turn to, many of these girls would have made great London escorts. All of them have been very sexy and pretty, but there is a lot more to being a London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/ than that.


Getting experience as a London escort is not that easy. Most of the girls that I have met have had to pitch pretty hard to get their first gig with a London escorts service. Once they have joined an escort agency in London, they may have been able to get a few tips, but it has still not been easy for them. The truth is that many resident London escorts are prepared to share their experience and knowledge. What you learn, you pick up from gents or by luck.


There is an art to escorting in London or anywhere else for that matter. The gents who date London escorts often expect a high standard of service. You are expected to go effortlessly between a dinner date to personal time. That is probably one of things that most London escorts find most difficult to cope with when they first start. Then it is all of the practical things that London escorts need to know. When you think about, you could probably write a book about escorting in London.


A book may help some aspiring London escorts, but far from everybody. The truth is that many girls need more help than just a book. They need practical information and be shown how to manage certain situations which London escorts may encounter. Then there are also the many different specialties within the field of escorting. Would you like to specialize in something like duo dating or domination? It is not easy at all, and knowing where to start is the trick. If you had a school for London escorts, you could teach the aspiring girls so much more than just how to put their makeup on.

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