If commitment were easy, marriage would not be taken so seriously – Westminster Escorts

However, if you do decide to tie the knot with your beloved, the intention should be that you stay that way – together forever, until death do you part. The problem is that life can throw all sorts of obstacles at married couples and, sometimes, they struggle to overcome them said by the girls from Westminster Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/westminster-escorts.

It is not often talked about, but sex is one of the most contentious of issues for married people. Sure, you might romp with abandon – five, even six times per week – when you are young, starry eyed, and freshly wed, but what happens if that spark then disappears? It is possible to get it back? What do you need to do to keep your partner happy and fulfilled?

This handy guide to some of the best tips and tricks for keeping a marriage spicy will help you to make sure that your relationship is a steamy one said by the girls from Westminster Escorts.

Always Make Time

One of the most common problems, particularly within long term marriages, is complacency. You work a hard job, you raise a family, and you keep a beautiful home – is there anything left to give to the pursuit of an energetic and enthusiastic sex life? Well, there should be, because keeping a marriage healthy involves making time for sex. It might be hard sometimes, but it is always be worth swapping a bedside book for a late night romp said by the girls from Westminster Escorts.

These days, things like spanking and bondage are positively vanilla. After the huge success of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, married couples everywhere are picking up spanking paddles, handcuffs, bondage rope, and saucy outfits said by the girls from Westminster Escorts. The greatest misconception about the bondage ‘scene’ is that it has to be about pain or that you have to be into extreme things. The truth is that there are toys, accessories, and playthings designed for lovers of all levels.

Give Anal a Chance

In the same way that bondage has undergone a revival, so too has anal sex. It really isn’t the taboo that it used to be and couples everywhere are finding out just how wonderful it can be. If you are apprehensive or cannot see the appeal, know that anal sex can lead to mind blowing climaxes for both partners said by the girls from Westminster Escorts. Plus, the idea that it has to be painful is dead wrong – take it slow and use enough lube and there should be very little discomfort.

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